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Earn Money Online: Expectations vs. Reality

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Vote up the shoppers who go into airplane mode anytime they even think of online shopping.
Few times in life feel more disappointing than when you regret shopping online. Despite the best efforts of online retailers, shopping on the Internet still comes with enough pitfalls that make the mall seem worth the drive and scent of Abercrombie. After avoiding the crowds, applying your discount codes, and waiting the three-to-five business days, you discover your Romphim arrived five sizes too small, and vow to never shop online again. Honestly, no one would blame you, especially the people in this list who experienced some of the worst online shopping fails ever unleashed by consumer culture. 
Like over-the-top Amazon reviews, online shopping disasters highlight the changing ways people shop, and bring a whole new meaning to the concept of buyer's remorse. Now, instead of returning to the local shoe store, you're forced to go somewhere even more time-consuming and crowded: the post office. How exactly this is supposed to improve shopping is lost on most people, especially if they're losing their patience over the handheld dresser they unknowingly bought. If online shopping is the future, no wonder it looks bleak.

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