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Run Smart Mobile App Campaigns Build A Premium Mobile App

Run Smart Mobile App Campaigns Build A Premium Mobile App

Plobal Apps - Mobile App Builder
Boost mobile sales and conversions with a mobile app.

Mobile accounts for almost 70% of the total visits on Shopify stores.

Deliver a remarkable shopping experience to your customers.

Trusted by leading Shopify and Shopify Plus Brands

Plobal Apps is trusted by distinguished Shopify and Shopify Plus brands such as Bailey's Blossoms, Sniper Gang, Baby Online, Heavenly Couture and hundreds more for their mobile apps. We don't just build apps for our customers, we carve out the comprehensive mobile commerce success journey for them.

What is mobile commerce success journey?

While every business understands the importance of a mobile app, successful m-commerce is not defined just by the existence of an app.
Mobile Commerce Success Journey is a combination of strategical inputs and tactical implementations that make your app successful.
Steps in the Mobile Commerce Success Journey:
  1. Build a remarkable mobile app
  2. Drive installs using targeted campaigns
  3. Personalising app user experience powered by AI
  4. Automated push notification campaigns to boost retention

Why Plobal Apps?

We are obsessed with the mobile commerce success of our customers. We work relentlessly to bring the latest technology in mobile commerce, to our customers and assist them through dedicated success sessions to set up the app sales engine.

3x+ Conversion Rates as compared to Mobile Web

Our deep expertise of m-commerce bundled with cutting-edge innovation and unconditional customer support has enabled our clients to achieve unprecedented conversion rates, as high as 15% on mobile.

Ace BFCM Flash Sales with Countdown Banners

Countdown banners that appear for a preset time duration and automatically vanish once the Sale is over. Link the banner to specific products, collections or categories and your Flash Sale setup on mobile is ready.

Boost Revenue with Automated Push Notification Campaigns

Set and forget push notification campaigns for pivotal use cases such as the abandoned cart, abandoned wishlist, welcome promo and more. The push notifications are triggered by the user action in real-time.

Deliver mobile app experience without installing with Android Instant Apps

We have partnered with the team at Google to bring Android Instant Apps to all Shopify merchants. With Instant Apps, your customers don't need to install your app, rather use it on the fly.

Personalize app User Experience through the power of AI

Unleash the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence in your app. Your app learns from the users and shows them the products best suited for them hence boosting more conversions per user.

The most advanced Filters on mobile app

We have built the most advanced filters for the Shopify mobile app. Benchmarked against the best.
We offer a free app demo to show you how your app will look like before you publish it on the stores. It is completely free for all our users.
Navigate to the Shopify App Store and search for Plobal Apps. Click on ‘Get’ and add Plobal Apps to your web store. All your products will automatically get added to your app and you can quickly check your Free Preview App.
Plobal Apps is popular with on-line retailers, small and medium sized businesses and Shopify and Zepo web store owners.
Yes, you can customize your app before publishing it. You can make changes to the brand logo, splash screen, header color of the app, main banner, promo images and information page, etc.
Plobal Apps is priced based on level. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time and you will be charged pro-data through the end of your billing term. You can downgrade at any time, but changes will not take effect until the start of the next term.

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