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SportsQwizz launches fantasy-style sports quizzing contests - “Game of Scores”, in which upto 60% players can win prize money. Your first contest is on us. Try it today!

Welcome to the world of Sports Quizzes!
SportsQwizz launches fantasy-style sports quizzing contests - “Game of Scores”, in which upto 60% players can win prize money. Your first contest is on us. Try it today!
Game of Scores is the all new Sports Contest Section where the players buy tickets, enter contests, play quizzes and win cash rewards. Get your first ticket FREE and try out the contests on your favorite sport. FREE tickets for a limited period only.
*Game of Scores - Sports Quiz Contests*
Buy Tickets to enter contests of the Sport of your choice 🎫
Play quizzes and top the Leaderboards 📋
Win Mobile Wallet Cash Rewards according to your Winning ranks 💰

Currently, cash rewards can only be claimed from India.
SportsQwizz also has hundreds of FREE quizzes, which you can play in leisure mode, or invite friends and play duels. SportsQwizz is the first ever sports-only quiz app at this scale. Whether you are an experienced quizzer, a sports trivia buff or just someone looking for interesting sporting factoids to talk about with your family and friends, you'll enjoy this easy, interactive experience.
Our Quiz App has a prediction section too - Prophecies - for fans who like to predict the outcomes of games for fun. There are no contests or prizes involved in Predictions. But playing predictions is fun nevertheless.
SportsQwizz is made by sports fans, for sports fans. Play one quiz and you will immediately get addicted to regularly updated Sports Quizzes and challenging Trivia for sports fans of all ages.
*Win Coins by inviting your friends to download*
● Go to settings and invite your friends to download the App
● Provide your Unique code to your friends.
● Once he/she downloads the App using the code, you will be Awarded WizzCoins.
*Other Features Include*
● Become a Super Sports Star and try to top the leaderboard in the sports category of your choice and test your knowledge 🤓.
● Choose to play in leisure mode or challenge a friend.
● Compete with fans from all over the world! Hit your name on the global leaderboard! 📋
● Showcase your ranking among your friends and worldwide 🌎.
Whether you are:
● A Sports Geek who knows Federer's win-loss record in grand slams by heart or
● A Quizzer who loves the Challenge of answering who is the highest all-time goal scorer in Football World Cups or
● A Sports Enthusiast who would love to know what is the origin of Googly or
● A Sports Family that wants to know who was the first coach of Williams sisters
*Featured Sports Contests Planned in the Future*
● Cricket Quiz Contests on
IPL, ODIs, Players, T20, Test Cricket, Women's Cricket and World Cup
● Badminton
● Basketball Quiz Contests on
NBA Legends, NBA Stars, Players, Clubs & Managers
● Formula 1 Quiz Contests on
British Cup, Records and Facts, Champions and Other GP
Football Quiz Contests on
Champions League, EPL, International Teams, La Liga, Off the Field, Superstars, World Cup, Other Leagues, and Cups.
Golf Quiz Contests on
Majors, Players, Instruction, Mixed Bag
Picture Quiz
● VolleyBall
● Tennis Quiz Contests on
Legends, Grand Slam, ATP
Sport Jumble
● Qwizz a day
● The Quiz Contests are brand new 🆕 so if you encounter any problems whatsoever please contact us first before leaving any negative reviews. We take our content very seriously and we will correct the questions with immediate effect. Write to us on-
● If you find any WRONG questions, choices, answers, spelling, grammar, etc.. we will fix it immediately.
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