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Can 30 seconds of your time make you win thousands of Rupees

Can 30 seconds of your time make you win tho dresses tusands of Rupees?
If you are camera shy, we have got an amazing opportunity for you to win Game Lives for FREE. These lives can be used in Swoo Bingo Show, Swoo Candy Krack, Swoo Trivia Show

Every single day, hundreds of thousands of users tune in to SWOO multiple times to try their hand at winning thousands in cash💰💰. We are talking real, genuine, hard cash and plenty of fun - no nonsense, no spam, no scam.
We have three live game shows running on SWOO (with several more in the works):
📚 SWOO TRIVIA: Oooh…this one is fun. You need brains and dexterity. Our host will ask you 10 trivia questions consecutively in real time and you have to tap on the right answer within seconds for each question. (Quick, answer this - who is the current president of the USA?)
Okay, you got that one. But, really, they won’t be so easy. Or may be they will. Find out for yourself. Download to start playing Swoo Trivia today - who knows you may walk away with the entire prize cash up for grabs!!
🔢SWOO BINGO: Call it Bingo, Housie or Tambola - it is crazy fun when you play it with your family and friends, right? Now imagine the thrill of playing against thousands….and winning real cash. Woah! Do we see you reaching for the Install button?
🍬SWOO CANDY KRACK: You’ve got one minute and you are playing against thousands. Fast-paced match 3 type candy crushing game. Players compete to bag the cash prize - highest scores win. Feel the adrenaline rush? Ready to get crushing? Download now.

Quick side note: When you login to SWOO, click on the bell icon on the games you want to be notified about.
What if you login when there are no games running? We don’t want to disappoint ya, do we now? 

Watch entertaining video broadcasts by celebrities, influencers and talented performers handpicked by our team. All content on Swoo is monitored round the clock, so you are in for clean humor, inspiring talks, informational discussions and 24/7 access to pure, unadulterated fun. (Psst…want to thank your favourite broadcaster? You can send them some really cool virtual gifts via SWOO.)
That’s it! Install SWOO now.
P.S. Do rate and review us, once you’ve used the app (hint: 5-🌟make us Swoo-n!). You can drop in feedback or queries about SWOO on
Twitter: @SwooTV
Facebook: @SwooGameShowsIndia @SwooGameShowsMENA @SwooLive
Instagram: @swoo_trivia_india @swoo_trivia_show_mena @SwooLive

Still here? Move along now. Just hit that Install button already.

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