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Publisher news - We got you covered with everything you need to know: Ad-block , blockchain, tech giants, monetization, SEO & everything in between

As a publisher, one of your main concerns is choosing the

ad network that is capable to make the most revenue out of you traffic in comparison to all other ad networks. You must be getting numerous e-mails from countless account managers promising: “We will make a fortune with your traffic”, but not all can deliver. 
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 Publishers must always keep informed about Court rulings,
restrictions, guidelines and updates in the AdBlock field to keep
their earnings high. Stay tuned for updates:
The Megaupload founder was awarded NZ$60,000 in damages for “loss of dignity or injury to feelings" plus a further NZ$30,000. The Attorney-General appealed the decision and the hearing is now underway at the High Court.
Mac users, be careful what you install. A popular Mac ad blocker is reportedly stealing
users' browsing history, and Apple has so far failed to do anything about it.
An ad blocking bonanza that led to an expected one-fifth of all UK internet users to install the software this year appears to have run its course, with the latest sector survey showing growth to have slowed to single digits.
If you have a website, especially one that’s focused on File-sharing,
Streaming etc’ you know just how much SEO is important. Learn more
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SEO Software is must have tool for any website owner who wants to rank their website on search engine. You can do a lot of work without SEO software, but it will take time. With SEO Tools finding technical problems on your site is just a matter of time.
Here's a breakdown of Google's PageSpeed Insight Rules and best practice advice on optimizing web pages for greater speed performance. Because the need for speed never stops.
More in the news this week:
TRON (TRX) made headlines when it acquired BitTorrent, a file-sharing communications protocol based on a peer-to-peer network, back in June. While the acquisition of a decades-old company by an upstart blockchain project is notable, the bigger story is what happened behind the scenes.
A Kodi Addon developer in the UK may be facing a judgment of almost $2 million in a lawsuit brought against him by U.S. satellite provider Dish Network.
Holochain is yet another contender in the fray. While it aims to provide a solution to the scalability
question, it takes quite a different approach as it technically isn’t even using a blockchain.
Two crypto companies, Gemini Trust and Paxos, got a green light from a New York state regulator
to launch their own stablecoins pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar.
Terrarium TV, one of the most-loved 'pirate' applications for Android, has shut down for good. In a
notification pushed to the app last evening, developer NitroXenon announced that the software,
known for its slick interface and huge content selection, will stop working at the end of the month.
Users, however, can see that it's already dead.


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