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First Emoji Domain

Are Emoji Domains the Future? Everything You Need to Know Before Getting
There was a time when we had to write whole sentences to express how we felt, but now we can just use the 100 emojiand you’d get the point. With extensive support and focus on emojis, it’s safe to say it’s the language for a new generation which lives on the screen almost 24×7.
So naturally, the next wave of domain names should also be ready for a makeover with some help from emojis. It may surprise you but emoji domains are now a thing and it’s ridiculously easy to get one for yourself.

Like unicorns? 🦄.ws could now be yours, just like ❤🍺.ws has been taken by Budweiser.

If you think we’re playing tricks on you, just simply copy-paste the emoji URL and see the magic for yourself.

The First Emoji Domain

Emoji domains have become attention grabbers because they are just as easy to buy as regular domains. While it’s already not easy to ignore a catchy URL (just think how many times you have clicked on a clever URL in your life), moving past an emoji URL is doubly hard – don’t tell us you didn’t click those links above.

You can’t really ignore an emoji domain as the curiosity gets the better of you, and someone saw this coming in 2001, and registered the world’s first emoji domains (three of them) at the beginning of the millienium.
conceptual art at the start of the 21st century, but some people were ahead of the curve in thinking that ASCII characters could one day be replaced with stylized figures that represent emotions

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